Teaching Gender equality with gender-neutral activity boxes games

Gender equality is a concept that is of utmost importance, and a topic that must be taught to each and every one of us.

When we tell our girls to wear pink because they are girls, we are telling them that our boys CANNOT like the pink colour because it is a girl colour.

Where does this come from? Since when did colours have genders?

Or when we tell the boys not to play with kitchen sets and that instead of play with cars. Since when did toys have gender?

These are simple but powerful examples of the roots of gender inequality and there are many more. And it begins in childhood and from home.

It is important to eradicate such notions right from childhood so that our kids can grow up in a fair and just environment. It’s not only difficult for girls to grow up with these inequalities but even the boys are forced to think and act in a certain manner.

Gender inequality is nothing but toxic and addressing it is crucial. Gender sensitivity plays a huge impact on a child’s growth, choices and development, and influences the kind of person they turn out to be.

Teach your kids how to respect every gender, tell them that they don’t have to choose a particular colour, toy or activity and that they all are the same and absolutely okay to wear/use.

Champ station’s Indian Pitara makes sure every game is a gender-neutral game. These are educational activities that aren’t gender-specific. They can play, do quizzes and learn about their country while having loads of fun together. Every girl or boy can learn so much from an INDIAN PITARA.

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