Activity Box for kids is a great way to encourage your ward creativity and brain development while weaning them off screens. Screens and video games are exceptionally harmful to a child’s brain development. The hands-on toys and games in the market either lack quality, are not educational, or offer very poor engagement.

There’s no need for me to elaborate on the damage too much screen time is doing to our kids – I’m sure you already know all that you need to. But the problem is in the ‘how’ – what else do we occupy them with so that they’re too busy to think about screens!

Answer – activity boxes! Imagine opening up a box with lots of crafts, activities, toys, and books – doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? And now imagine doing that every month – and you have the solution to your problem!

90% of brain development occurs in the early years due to which children need to receive positive experiences.

Cardboard and craft activities are becoming increasingly popular in India, and parents are hooking on to them so kids have an assortment of things to do that don’t involve screen time. But that’s not the only advantage of activity boxes – here are some more:

1.     The activities are varied enough to prevent boredom

2.     They encourage the development of skills, imagination, and creativity

3.     Young kids learn about numbers, animals, and other basics.

The best part is that parents don’t need to go hunting for a different game, book, or toy every month – the boxes take care of everything!

The activity box includes a combination of:

1.Innovative Art and Craft – fostering creativity, curiosity, and promoting self-expression!

2. Projects and Experiments – celebrating exploration and experimentation through hands-on projects exploring, art, science, math, environment, and much more!

3. Materials and Supplies – quality material, tools, and the guidance required, to bring each activity to life, are included in the kit.

4. Easy Instructions – simple, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for our young explorers to create and learn!

 Benefits of DIY projects for kids :

1. Develop Fine Motor Skills: Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists to perform precise movements and tasks. Activities with play-dough, building blocks, puzzles, or puppets, not only help build fine motors, but also develop a neat pincer grip.

2. Creativity & Imagination: Creativity is defined as one of the key skills in the 21st-century learning framework. The skill is about generating new ideas and transforming them into something tangible. It often involves being inventive, resourceful, innovative, and imaginative. We all have creative capacities; it just needs to be honed.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination: Hand-eye coordination is the ability to coordinate the information received through the eyes with hand movements, to accomplish a task. The hand-eye movement needs several things to happen all at once to be successful. The brain then sends a signal to the muscles to move to a specific location. The muscles then control the movement of the fingers or hands to accomplish tasks.

4. Auditory & Visual Processing: Vision and sound are two primary senses that help us take in information from the environment around us. Visual and auditory processing skills are not just to help children obtain, but also process and organize the information in their brain, and interpret what they see. Children are not born with this skill, it has to be learned and developed.

5. Build Social Skills: Social skills are building blocks for positive relationships. It allows children to initiate, build and maintain healthy interactions with others, as well as helps them to understand and manage their own emotions and feelings.

Here is a list of some of the most highly recommended activity boxes for kids in IndiaThese boxes feature interesting books, countless activities, eye-catching toys, and loads of goodies for endless hours of fun not just for your little ones but also for the entire family.

#1. FubuBox

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Age Group: The boxes are categorised as 0-2 years/ 2-4 years/ 4-6 years

Where to buy:

Curated by a team of book lovers, this activity box for kids in India picks some of the most rare and exclusive books from across the globe and packs them into a cute box for your little one, each month. These boxes include two to three, age-appropriate books your child would love to get. In addition there is a personalized note for the little one along with a delightful surprise gift for added interest. 

Subscription Plans: Available in 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscription plans.

#2. FlintoBox

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Age Group: The boxes are categorised as 2-3 years/ 3-4 years/ 4-6 years/ 6-8 years / 8 to 12 years

Where to buy:

FlintoBox is one of the most popular activity boxes for kids in India. The activities are specially designed to stimulate your child’s brain and help make learning more fun. Each box comes with a specific theme to keep the excitement going. Even the themes are very well planned to make it easier for you to introduce concepts like colour, animals, habits, numbers and a lot more to your child. With a focus on 16, key development areas, FlintoBox gives you 3-4 activities each month that you can enjoy with your little one. 

Subscription Plans: Available inmonthly, semi-annual, and annual subscription plans.

#3. MagicCrate

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Age Group: The boxes are categorised as 2-3 years/3-4.5 years/4.5 to 6 years/ 6-8 years/ 8-10 years/ 10-12 years or 12 and above. 

Where to buy:

MagicCrate is all about learning through play. This is one of the best educational activity boxes for kids in India. The activities in the boxes are perfectly suited for different age groups, allowing your child to build skills that are age specific. The activities are hands-on, extremely engaging and suitable for both solitary learning and social learning. What is more, you get loads of freebies with your subscription box as well. 

Subscription Plans: Available intwo-month trial pack option, post which you can choose between a 6-months and 12-months subscription.

#4. XploraBox

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Age Group: The boxes are categorised as 2-4 years/ 4-6 years/6-8 years/8-12 years 

Where to buy:

XploraBox focuses on building curiosity in your child through fun activities designed to improve learning. This is a theme-based, monthly activity box for kids in India. Each box comes with up to five activities and games each month that are geared towards building social and cognitive skills in your little one. The box includes DIY activities, games, toys, goodies and even books that your child will love. You can choose based on your child’s age and start your new learning adventure together. 

Subscription Plans: Available in monthly subscriptions.

#5. Wonder Box

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Age group: 2 to 7 years+ (2-year-olds may need adult supervision)

Where to buy:

Young children are born with a sense of wonder! They wholeheartedly want and NEED to explore their natural world with all their senses and bodies for healthy brain development.
At Learning Matters our attempt through Wonder Box is to bring back the spark and wonder in children’s hearts and lives.

Subscription Plans: Available in monthly, quarterly, and event order plans. 

#6. Genius Box

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Age Group: The boxes are categorised as 3-5 years (explorers)/ 5-8 years (Inventors) and 8-12 years (Creators) 

Where to buy:

The Genius Box is a fun activity box that enhances curiosity and creativity in your little ones through experiential play. These boxes come with loads of activities that include puzzles, games, and other educational projects. All these activities are completely hands-on to help your little one learn better. Each box features age-appropriateactivities based on the concepts of STEAM learning with focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Genius Box emerges as a wonderful option to help your child build multiple skills while at play.

Subscription Plans: Available as single or multiple purchases.

#7. Scotty’s Wanderquest

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Age group: 6-12 years 

Where to buy:

 Every month, your child and you can together explore and learn about a new country with this activity box for kids in India. Kids start with a toolbox, which is then followed by a travel box every month. Apart from content on a new country, the box also features clues to a treasure hunt each month. These clues are very useful in helping your child remember whatever they have learned from the different activities. Submit the answers to all the clues online and even get a special gift when the subscription ends.

Subscription Plans: Available in 3-month and 6-month subscription plans. 

#8. Butterfly Edufields

Age group: The boxes are categories as 2-5 years/ 5-7 years/ 8-10 years/ 11-13 years and 14 years and above 

Where to buy:

Science becomes more hands-on and fun with Butterfly Edufields activity boxes. These boxes include fun science projects to encourage your child to build models and also try out popular science experiments at home. With these projects your child is able to learn how to apply different scientific principles in daily life, while playing. 

Subscription plans:Available in monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 9-month subscription plans. 

#9. Yohobox

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Age group: The boxes are categorized as Yoho Munchkins (4-6 years), Yoho Doodles (7-9 years) and Yoho Rodeos (10-12 years)

Where to buy:

This is yet another award-winning activity box for kids in India, featuring seven super-interesting and fun activities for your little one to engage in every month. Picked from six different categories the activities touch 17 key areas vital for your child’s overall development. 

Subscription plans: Available in monthly, 3-month, and 6-month subscription plans.

#10. Lighthouse Art Crate

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Age group: Ideal for kids 6-years and above

Where to buy:

The Lighthouse Art crate is a super fun box full of creative activities for your little one. It helps your munchkin learn new craft techniques, explore, different art forms, and find joy in creating with one’s own little hands. This activity box for kids in India uses child safe materials, and focuses on building creativity and confidence through easy, fun, and engaging activities. 

Subscription plans: Available in monthly, 3-month, and 6-month subscription plans.


Activity Subscription Boxes for Kids are a great way to encourage your child's creativity and brain development while weaning them off screens.

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Intellikit is FirstCry’s foray into the kids’ subscription box arena, and it’s proving to be quite popular with parents and kids! Targeted towards the younger crowd, Intellikit covers a range of themes with 8 Fun Activities in each box.

Each box contains an age appropriate Story Book, a Learning Calendar, a Happy Tracker to track progress along with 10 worksheets.

Age Group 2-3, 3-4 and 4-6.

Subscription plans: Available in 3-month, and 6-month subscription plans.

 Activity Box is well-researched, designed by a team of experts, offers challenging learning tools that are just right for a child’s age and developmental stage.

 The Intellikit is a unique subscription-based activity box that can be used for gifting

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