What is an activity box?

There are way too many things in the market to engage kids with but every kid’s toy doesn’t give them any educational purposes.Once children enter the world of toys it overwhelms the parents to a point where they find it difficult to find a way out, because the kids don’t want to study.This is where champ station activity boxes serve as quite literally a life saver for the parents but they also found a way to provide activities for kids that are safe, age-appropriate, play-based,educational,engaging and fun. This is quite a handful, isn’t it?.Every activity box comes with one Indian State and fun activities which are hands-on and unique, collectible from all over India,will be able to engage your child learning in a fun way.Each kit is designed by a team of child-experts, designers, academics, and artists to help your child to become smart and learn more about India.You will be able to virtually travel the entire India sitting at your home.Activity boxes are monthly subscription boxes that include play based activities which encourage early childhood development in ways that are fun and explorative.These boxes that arrive at your doorstep are there to help your children pass their developmental milestones and satiate their need for knowledge.The Activity boxes help children overcome developmental struggles, focus on the major developmental areas and help them pass their developmental milestones with flying colors. We truly believe in the power that activity boxes have and the joy,learning & entertainment provided for kids.

To give you quick summary of activity boxes for kids are in

Education: It’s FUN AND LEARNED! These are fun learning activity boxes.They get to learn so much while playing with them. The parents won’t even realise that their kids are learning things while having fun.

Engagement :It’s hard to forget about! Since these educational activity boxes come in monthly, kids stay engaged.

Fun:It’s exciting! Kids come across activities that they consider worthy of spending their time on. it’s impossible

Development:It’s for their growth! These educational activities for kids ensure that they reached.

Age-appropriate: These activities for kids are thoughtfully designed by a team of child-experts.Finding an activity box which is relevant means finding something for your little one that engages, entertains, satiates their interests, provides developmental skills and is safe for their age.

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