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Activity box for kids
The Rajasthan kit from Indian Pitara

What do you get in each Activity box for kids?

12 children activity box delivered in 12 states

Every kit contains

  • Hands-On Skills
  • Spoken Language
  • State Scripts
  • Traditional Recipes
  • Self Development activities
  • Your child will stay away from TV for hours as he or she will be engrosed with this kit

Why go for Indian Pitara's Educational Kit

This kit is different than other activity boxes as we just don’t focus on Science, Maths, Engineering etc. But we focus on overall development of the child

Imagine your child’s general knowledge about India and its state will be diverse and s/he will be a shining star among his peers

They say whatever you invest in child now will  make him what she will become tomorrow. Start imbining great indian culture from now

This kit is not just for your child but your entire family will learn from the same. You can be smart and knowledgable with the wisdom this kit provides and share the same with others too

Every kit contains one cooking recipe from each state with a detailed instruction, this will help to develop healthy eating habits in form of an activity among your child and family

Each kit contains most common words to be spoken in local language such as Marathi, Marwadi, Odia, Assamese, Malayalam and more. This kit enhances your child’s multilingual ability with focus on Indian languages

This kit will also enhance your child’s social skills and make him/her emotionally intelligent

Explore the Indian Pitara

Every box comes with one Indian state & fun activities which are hands-on & unique, collectibles from all over India. You will be able to virtually travel entire India sitting at your home

States you will be exploring







& more

What does each kit have?

Each kit is designed to help your child to become smart and learn more about India 

Who is this Activity kit for?

It is best suited for 5+ years of children, while even adults can benefit tremendously and its suitable for any one.


You may use this kit for 3+ years too but Parents have to supervise and show the activity in this case

Invest to grow your child's skill


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12 month

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What your child can learn with our educational box?

Handicraft skills

Learn writing an Ancient Brahmi Script

Learn about Different festivals of India

Cook a dish each month from different state

Shadow painting Activity kit for children

Learn the art of shadow painting - Increase craft skills among your child

Learn the art of saving and investing money through envelop system

Indian pitara helps your child to explore India sitting at their home by playing

How does this kit help parents

Activity Box for children

What parents say

“When I first received the kit, I was really excited to see multiple activities and my child would stay occupied for hours without TV and mobile. Infact when she started speaking words like mapusa and bapusa I was really astonished, this kit is a must have for any mother who wishes to impart values among their children”

Kavita lakhani, mom of 6 year old from bandra

“I had subscribed to multiple kits earlier but my child used to get bored really fast, but when Sana got Indian Pitara, she was so happy receiving the puppets and camel shadow activity that she invited her entire building to showcase her story telling skills, that time I realised the importance of our culture and thanks to Indian Pitara that my child is exposed to India like never before

Tania Mukherjee, Mom of 10 year old from Bangalore

“We all know that excercise and money saving habit are important but we are unable to teach it effectively to our child, but now with Indian Pitara my child not only learnt how to save but he also is able to guide us through envelop management system. Thanks to them every month Rahul is making progress by learning new language and new skill, I think this kit should be made compulsory in all schools ”

Avinash gupta, father of 12+ year old from pune

Explore India with us

Travelling is one of the best teachers and it offers some great life lessons. We have packaged all those lessons in our Indian Pitara box and deliver it to your home every month. Your child along with family learns to speak in a new language, write a new script, learn to eat local, adapt some self regulatory qualities and learn a lot of new things


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