Activities via Educational box that can make a Toddler busy at home

During this Pandemic, keeping a Toddler busy at home is not at all an easy task. Children in this age group aren’t super interested in watching a TV show and rarely stay engaged in one activity for long. But give them pots and pans to bang on, water to splash in, or music to dance to, and, as any parent of a 1 or 2 year old will tell you, toddlers are at their happiest. So, with the help of Educational box it is easy to keep the Toddlers busy.

Following are some activities for Toddlers:

  • Grab an old cardboard box or scrap wood that’s been sanded down and set out washable paints and paintbrushes. Decorate!
  • Give your little one a sheet of stickers and a piece of paper to decorate. Peeling off stickers is a great fine-motor activity.
  • Set out buttons, pompoms, craft sticks, torn bits of paper. Hand over a sheet of paper and some glue and let your toddler’s inner artist shine.
  • Trace your child’s outline on a large roll of paper. Then let them decorate themselves.
  • Create color baskets by collecting child-safe items from around the house in one particular color, such as a green paintbrush, a green measuring cup, a green building block, etc., and encourage exploration and play.
  • Dump cotton balls into a bin or large bowl and add spoons and measuring cups, then let your child make “snowball soup.”
  • Place a sheet or towel underneath for easy cleanup and be sure to supervise.
    Use an extra cardboard box to make a ramp. Send cars flying down and stage races.
    Dump some plastic toys in a bin and let your little one paint them with washable paint.
    Use an extra cardboard box to make a ramp. Send cars flying down and stage races.

The Educational boxes for Toddlers are as follows:

  • Craft Box : This box will include the craft materials for Toddlers. It eliminates the stress and planning of kids crafts. Rather than research and plan a variety of crafts – including purchasing supplies – this box does all the work for you. It contains supplies for two to three prepared crafts that tie in with an included story.
  • Reading Box: It was founded on a passion for improving literacy. Each month, recipients receive three to four age-appropriate hardcover books (board books for infants and toddlers), plus an additional activity book and a gift for mom.
  • Create Box: It provides ready-made crafts for toddlers and preschoolers, created by an artist and mother. Recent boxes include: a caterpillar box, a hearts and crowns box, and a barnyard animals box. In addition to crafts, boxes also include a themed playlist, recipe ideas, and communication and literacy tips.

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