How does this educational activity box work for your children?

In the current times, the pandemic has made children bound within their homes. Champ Station can help your kid travel around India while staying at one place. Not only will it educate them, Indian Pitara will engage them in fun activity games during the pandemic.

Welcome to Indian Pitara :

By subscribing to our package, you will be delivered an activity kit every month at your doorstep.Each kit is designed to help your child to become smart and learn more about India.Helps to build knowledge, vocabulary, diction from different states of India

It includes learning handicraft skills, writing an ancient brahmin script, learning about different festivals in India, cooking dishes from different states, learning the art of shadow and painting and much more,for example, in the month of July if a parent is ordering activity kit, they will get a kit on Rajasthan which will make him realize what is Rajasthan about, the culture, heritage, food  of that particular state. Their learning will be even improved as this activity kit will have quiz, trivia, games & many more stuff for the betterment of your kids learning about the State & its culture. 

This activity will even have a yearly package where every month, an activity kit will be delivered to your doorstep with different States associated with its heritage & Culture along with games, trivia, quiz & many more. For example August month will comprise of Gujarat State Activity Kit, September month will comprise of Karnataka State activity kit,October Month will comprise of Punjab State Activity Kit, November month will comprise of Uttarakhand State activity kit, December month will comprise will comprise of West Bengal State activity kit & so on.

This smart learning will be available in the Champstation which is the best activity box for kids.

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