How is this Monopoly Game worthy for your child?

Each month you will  be delivered  one box of this Monopoly Game at your doorstep of an Indian State , for instance, the first box is of the state of Rajasthan, where they have activities divided into 4 weeks and each activity helps to build four areas,

1) Handicraft skills,

 2) Written Language and spoken skills,

 3) Cognitive skills and

 4) Life skills.

The importance of this Monopoly game is rich in understanding heritage value of our country, handicraft skills which give you more skills and improve hand-eye coordination. That is the gap champ station is filling up. So champstation has a brand called Indian pitara that teaches your child about India through games and activities.

In this pandemic, kids are not able to move out from their home & their online learning about different places is a bigger challenge so this Monopoly Game of Indian Pitara makes their learning smoother.

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