Is travelling to different places from home the best learning in COVID Pandemic for kids?

Year 2020 has been challenging for everyone as every human have been locked at their home whether it was Tuesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, every day/night was same for all. People just watched movies, read books, viewed photos album & cherished old memories of travelling which looked exciting to kids during initial days of getting known about different places & cultures but it was annoying & their interest in knowing about different places & culture turned pale after sitting at one place.

Champ Station is a solution in such case where kids will be given Best Learning activity tool box every month after subscription where it will comprise of learning everything about new State, its heritage, culture, food. The activity will be divided into 4 sections which make your child master in learning about Place & make your kid brighter.

Well, Champ Station helps travel to different places from home which is the best learning in COVID Pandemic for kids & makes your child brighter with activities.

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