Why is learning Indian Culture important for our kids?

Culture is the cumulative learning of society passed on from generation to generation. It is the identity of a group of people living in a particular place. The language, food, clothing, beliefs, rituals, behavior, customs, architecture, and everything else that we gather from our society is culture.

The kind of diversity of religion and culture that is in India is rarely seen in any other country. 

It is our duty to teach our children about the importance of culture and keep them in touch with that of India.

So, we bring to you this iconic fun activity box called ‘THE INDIAN PITARA’ to help you get your kids in touch with our widespread culture in the most fun way possible.

This is by far the most engaging way to educate children about the most diversified culture in the world.

Through this educational box, our kids will create a bond with the Indian culture which is, in fact, about teaching our children to connect to the people around them, to know their neighbors, and to be close to the family.

We believe that teaching young children about the Indian culture makes them feel more connected with the country, enabling them to grow into responsible citizens of the nation.

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