Learning skills and Acquiring valuable knowledge for kids with activity box.

Indian Pitara’s activity box is the best way to obtain the best knowledge when it comes to different states and the skills it provides, and also focuses on the overall development of the kid. Communication skills can also be enhanced with the help of the activity box. The kid can also learn on how to improve his/her social as well as emotional intelligence. The whole process is made in an interesting way so the kid enjoys it and gets motivated to do it. One of the skills that the kid is learning is about recipes. The habit of indulging in a healthy food intake. The box not only focuses on science, maths but also about Indian culture, family time. The kid will travel and learn about the states just by sitting at home with the help of the activity box. The activity box will also be very beneficial for the parents as they can also gain knowledge about various states and the whole learning process makes it better for the kid and the parent. It covers everything :-
1.Festivals and culture.
2.Self improvement activity.
3.Traditional recipe.
4.Handicraft skills.
5.Spoken language.

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