Let your kid travel to different states with the help of the Activity Box.

We all have heard the phrase “ travelling is the best teacher”. Well it is true as travelling is the best way a human can learn. When it comes to kids they prefer learning in a way where they don’t have to stress much and they usually run away from it. The whole learning process gets boring and they are not able to focus much on the education and are easily distracted. But when it comes to Indian Pitara’s Activity box, the kid can learn about different states, festivals, recipes, culture, Indian values etc. states like Rajasthan, Kerala, Assam, Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra & many more.

With the help of the activity box, the kid can build knowledge, vocabulary, diction from different states of India. The kid along with family learns to speak in a new language, write a new script, learn to eat local food, adapt some self regulatory qualities and learn a lot of new things. Overall the activity box provides an experience that will make your kid fall in love with the different states and understand different states of India.

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